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Do you have PASSION for training and all things health and fitness? Are you looking to INSPIRE others? 


If you answered YES then you could be exactly what we’re looking for to join #TeamTF. We are currently looking for males and females worldwide to join our Affiliate Programme who are passionate about growing the Transformation Fitness Brand as well as expanding their own social media presence. #Transform #LookGoodFeelBetter


Transformation Fitness operates under three core values:

    •    Family - TeamTF want to build a community of athletes, affiliates and coaches that reach all types of people in need of inspiration. We want a worldwide “family” of like-minded individuals working together to bring the Transformation Fitness vision to life

    •    Results - We can preach as much as we like but we pride ourselves on results. Our number 1 priority is to take a person from A to B, arriving in better condition both physically and mentally. We want more than to just tell our clients what to do to look and feel better on a short term basis. We want to equip as many people as possible with the tools to achieve and more importantly sustain a healthy approach to weight loss.

    •    No Bullshit - There are thousands of coaches and companies out there with many different methods to achieve what they believe is the best way to a healthy lifestyle. Here at Transformation Fitness we don't endorse supplements and we don't promise the impossible. We’re real people who will provide honest advice and feedback. We won't tell you that you'll look like that heavily photoshopped Instagram model you've been following closely for the last 6 months but we can help you be the best version of you.


How does it work?

Transformation Fitness Affiliates can earn commission on all sales that result from featuring links to Transformation Fitness clothing and digital content across their brand; blog/website, social media, newsletters, etc. 


By joining TeamTF you will gain exclusive benefits including:

  • A huge & exclusive 30% personal discount code off all your Transformation Fitness purchases

  • A personalised 10% discount code to share with your followers to generate sales

  • 10% Commission on all sales generated via your own unique discount code

  • An optional FREE OF CHARGE PHOTOSHOOT with our very own photographer to give you professional content on all your social media platforms 

  • Transformation Fitness Affiliate/Ambassador Status

  • Promotion on our social media channels

  • Opportunities for progression to full Athlete/Ambassador roles

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