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Transformation Challenge

By far our most successful group workout to date. Launched in January 2015, the 8 week group challenges are designed to focus on and achieve realistic goals with like-minded individuals. Unlike your general PAYG classes, each Transformation Challenge is ‘members only’, meaning once the spaces are filled, that’s it for 8 weeks! This establishes a real bond between the challengers who each have access to our private whatsapp group to stay in touch, motivate and encourage one another with workouts and meal prep recipes.

Transformation Fitness Team
Transformation Fitness Team
Transformation Fitness Class
Transformation Fitness Class

Currently we offer one morning and one evening Transformation Challenge per week but we are ever expanding as the classes become
increasingly popular!


  • 16 Group Training Sessions


  • Tailored Meal Plan*


  • Session plans to supplment your training between sessions

  • Monitoring of body fat and measurements to track your progress


  • Access to private WhatsApp Group


  • Discount on Transformation Fitness clothing and apparel


Olivia Jones

Tyrone is a great personal trainer who has really built my confidence in the gym and in myself. He is very insightful and has taught me a lot of different ways to train. Even when he is away he has left me training programmes which have motivated me to keep on working. He always has a smile on his face and is very welcoming.

Andrew Giles

Having “let things slide” for too long, a friend of mine put me in touch with Tyrone. Over a period of only 3 months Tyrone helped me to lose 2 stone and in the process gave me the confidence to hit the gym and train on my own. Two years down the line and I am still training, still learning and still enjoying my weekly work out with him. I can’t recommend him enough.

Esther Bryant

Having trained with Ty I have managed to lose 4 stone and never would have been able to do it without his support and motivation. Starting out not knowing how to use a gym or what foods were good, I can now confidently use the gym on my own and write my own meal plans. Would highly recommend if you want to get fitter, stronger or lose a few pounds!


8 Week Challange - 3rd September - 25th October

it's time to change your life!

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