William Rhys-Davies

I have been training with Ty since 2011 (wow...that was ages ago!!). The length of time itself speaks volumes. He is a very thorough trainer that doesn’t just focus on training but understands and helps you with planning your food as well. I have witnessed his knowledge of sports science significantly improve over the years. He will often teach you why you are training in a certain way rather than just telling you to do it. His sessions are creative and very beneficial, I can now see my abs!! Highly recommended if you can find a slot in his busy schedule, although, expect to be constantly filmed for his social media!    #TransformationFitness #HeHasntPaidMeToWriteThis #BetterGetAFreeSessionThough

Rachel A’Herne Gould

Transformation Challenge

I joined DW gym in September 2017, I lacked in confidence as I haven't exercised since my 4 year old son was born.  In October I met Tyrone who was so helpful with showing me the machines and helping me with diet tips. I started his transformation course that he recommended to me and I'm now 2 stone lighter !! He has built up my confidence and helped me with my new healthy life style  changes. 

I would highly recommend Tyrone to anyone he truly loves his job!! Xx

Sian Pesticcio

 Transformation Challenge

I started a class which Tyrone was taking at the local school with the hope of getting bit fitter and healthier, being a mum of three it can be hard getting to gym and the thought of being selfish as it's money and time that could be spent with the family. I then joined the gym and Tyrone approach me on the running machine which is all I ever did at the gym as not knowing what else to do with the weights and all the different machines, he asked if I would think about pt sessions, I was like me really? At 37 years old I did not think I could do it? With my husband and three boys behind me, I did it and loved it and started to make use of all the equipment in the gym. It's a big step to go to the gym for anyone and Tyrone showed me anyone can do it and I could, I got fitter and stronger and great for my mental health too. Happy mum happy family. I think nothing of spending a lot of money on make up and clothes so spending money on your happiness and health is ok. I went on to join in with Tyrone's group transformations, a cheaper way of sessions, with a personal meal plan and support from the whole group, we work hard and have a laugh. too. No one ever feels bad after a work out and Tyrone has never given up on me, because I want to give up at times. I would recommend to anyone, one of the best things I have ever done, time for me and the fitness you can achieve quite quickly is amazing.

Olivia Jones

Tyrone is a great personal trainer who has really built my confidence in the gym and in myself. He is very insightful and has taught me a lot of different ways to train. Even when he is away he has left me training programmes which have motivated me to keep on working. He always has a smile on his face and is very welcoming.

Sarah Giles

As a 40+ woman I had always found going to the gym to be a daunting prospect. Two years later, however, and with Tyrone’s support I now train regularly. I train 1:1 and with a friend, both of which I thoroughly enjoy....I think!! Tyrone never fails to keep me motivated and always comes up with ways to keep my training regime fresh and challenging. I respect and value his opinion (even if I don’t always want to hear it!!) He is a great trainer and I would highly recommend him.

I have recently taken part in my first 8 week Transformation that Tyrone designs/leads. I have found these AMAZING!! I really feel like I’ve gotten so much out of these classes. They are brutal, challenging yet great fun! I have met an amazing bunch of people that I’ve become very fond of but have also competed against!! I feel I have really push

Rachel A’Herne Gould

As a mother heading for her forties I decided to embark on the T10. I have always been into my fitness, running etc but had lapsed a bit due to work pressures and lack of time . The classes are varied , intense and fun but you are able to scale them to your own fitness levels. I’ve enjoyed being part of a friendly team that support and encourage one another. Tyrone is always on hand to help with dietary questions, motivation and much more. I would personally recommend Tyrone to anyone of any age or ability as he is perfect at adapting his training to suit the individual. Going forward I will continue training with Tyrone with both T10 and PT.

Kelly Lewis

 Transformation Challenge

 As someone who finds exercise & going to the gym very tedious, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes & looked forward to every session. They were hard work & Tyrone pushed me out of my comfort zone, but this is exactly why I joined transformation, for that push to keep me going as I always give up and never work to my full potential when doing it alone. I am now making better choices with food & I’ve now got the determination to continue with my fitness journey. Thank you for your support & patience! 

Anne Marie

I started training with Ty I’d say about 5 years ago. Not always having PT sessions with him but there was a period when I did have a session every week. I attend his boxercise class on a Sunday and Wednesday plus also his boot camp on a Monday. I have to say he is the best trainer I have had coach me. I’d had a few sessions previously with some other PT’s at the gym but they were nowhere near as good as Ty. Always trying new moves. Changing up the classes. Makes them harder at times but encouraging you to push yourself. Aware of your fitness even if like me your are nearing your 50th Birthday! He helped me train for the half marathon and I ran it in under 2 hours. That for me was a great achievement. He is a very motivational guy. Always there to answer questions or assist you in any way he can. When paying for a PT you need to know you are going to turn up and get results. In my opinion this is the guy for you.

Esther Bryant

Having trained with Ty I have managed to lose 4 stone and never would have been able to do it without his support and motivation. Starting out not knowing how to use a gym or what foods were good, I can now confidently use the gym on my own and write my own meal plans. Would highly recommend if you want to get fitter, stronger or lose a few pounds!

Andrew Giles

Having “let things slide” for too long, a friend of mine put me in touch with Tyrone. Over a period of only 3 months Tyrone helped me to lose 2 stone and in the process gave me the confidence to hit the gym and train on my own. Two years down the line and I am still training, still learning and still enjoying my weekly work out with him. I can’t recommend him enough.

Stephanie Watson

I joined DW in September of last year and to be honest I hadn’t done any exercise for years I have a problem with my back and I suppose I was using this as an excuse.When I started I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or how to use the equipment so after a few weeks I booked a Pt with Tyrone and I can honestly say was the best thing I’ve done as well as being professional he’s also extremely approachable and has has taught me so much about the way I eat and all about what I need to do to achieve my goals.I joined his transformation class and yes you do have to put the hard work in but I have never felt better he’s encouraging motivating and even though I am 52 i don’t think I’ve ever been this healthy ladies don’t ever think your too old to make changes i cannot recommend these classes enough and it really has given me confidence and I feel so much better in my self so thank you Tyrone can’t wait for the next transformation.

Andrew Fitzherbert

1:1 Training

Andrew 45 years old 14 Stone 6 foot on 2ndJanuary, 13 Stone and fitting tailored shirts 28th February!


I have had a week lower back and achillies issues for years and so have trained on running machines, stepper and elliptical machines but was just maintaining a reasonable weight with no muscle definition. I started training once a week with Tyrone and he started with some high intensity training and circuits but quickly decided just weights would produce the best results for my body shape and the 3 training sessions a week I was able to accommodate (one with Tyrone 2 on my own). He also helped me with diet and logging my food which I think has had a huge impact on my progress having never bothered thinking too much about what I was eating.


The weights Tyrone has me doing exercise my whole body through the week and I have found for the first time in years I can jog with no pain and my lower back is feeling better than I can remember!


I find sticking to a the higher protein diet suggested easy as I just add chicken or fish to a lot of my meals and am not using any protein drinks or supplements which is just my personal choice. I have lost a stone in about 9 weeks and am getting stronger every week and really enjoying training again as I have a structure and focus on what I am doing.

Sarah Barnfield 

Tyrone’s knowledge and skill when it comes to personal training and nutrition is second to none. I have worked with many trainers over the years and have never come across one that is so dedicated to what he does and genuinely listens and cares when it comes to your progress. Ty offers support, praise and unlimited amounts of encouragement along the way. This is clearly shown by the results he achieves.


Along with being a fantastic trainer Ty is also a top bloke. Many trainers I’ve worked with have been very money orientated and sessions have been repetitive and used for several clients at the same time. I’ve always found Ty is the complete opposite of this, sessions are always personalised and Ty genuinely does what he does to see results and change people’s lives for the better. Even when I’m not paying to be in a class or working out 1:1 with Ty he always takes the time and puts in effort to show he cares, this is sometimes something as simple as a quick hello and asking how I’m getting on, a small gesture but it makes a big difference!


I know he is always approachable and would never hesitate to take extra time to offer advice or answer any questions I may have. In addition to this I know Ty is always available on the end of a text when away from the gym and will always reply. I couldn’t recommend him and Transformation Fitness enough! I would highly recommend Tyrone to anyone he truly loves his job!! Xx

Chloe Davies

2 years ago I saw Tyrone advertising his January 8 week transformation. I was really interested so as you do, facebooked him to make enquiries with the hope that it would give me the kick up the arse I needed. It soon got side tracked, excuses were made (typical) and I missed out. 2 years down the line and after plucking up the confidence to sign up I can proudly say I have just completed the T10 8 week transformation. I can't help but be annoyed with myself for not doing this sooner!! Within the blink of an eye we completed 16 1-hour sessions - full of belly laughs, there was never a dull moment! Anyone who was like me and has thought about doing something like this but has never got around to doing it then I can't stress enough how amazing it makes you feel. If your thinking of doing it, do it!! It's exactly what I needed! This is just the beginning, major increased fitness levels and 18 pounds down, I've already signed up for the next group. I really can't thank Ty and all the guys involved in the TF journey enough!

Katy Gray

I started training with Ty back in 2013, and since then I've achieved so many goals thanks to his advice and support. I'd never even lifted a weight before training with Ty, and could barely manage 1 sit up. Now I can deadlift almost double my bodyweight! My body shape and confidence has transformed over the past couple of years with Ty's help and knowledge. I now love training and pushing my body, and can't wait to see what I can achieve this year with Ty's help.